The President of the Universidad of Los Lagos is reelected for a new period 2021-2025


With 80.56% of the votes, out of a 299 electors, the President Oscar Garrido proudly undertakes on this new challenge, leading the destiny of the only public university in the region for the next four years.

This election was held through an online voting system due to the confinement that the pandemic has compelled. Professors of the campuses of Osorno, Puerto Montt, Chiloe, and Santiago enter a safe and reliable platform to cast their vote. Once the voting time was over, all votes were publicly counted in a zoom conference and the results were reported to the entire university community.

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An accredited public higher education institution that belongs to the Rectors’ Council of Chilean Universities. Created on August 30, 1993, the Universidad de Los Lagos (ULagos) holds an academic tradition that can be traced back to 1964 as a campus of the University of Chile. The Universidad de Los Lagos focuses on education, research and community outreach, annually hosting over 9000 undergraduate, graduate and associate students on its main strategic campuses in Osorno, Puerto Montt, Chiloé and Santiago.

ULagos defines strategies and international programs according to the current institutional policies. Internationalization represents a dynamic and professional component essential to face worldwide trends and challenges, guiding efforts to obtain positive and lasting impacts, to achieve international quality standards and strengthening research, undergraduate and graduate education and social connectivity.

Permanent international cooperation is developed through programs, networks and partnerships, which has allowed ULagos to successfuly connect to the contemporary global trends on higher education, scientific and technological development.

This interaction has helped our institution to respond to our country´s national demands on generating abilities for science, innovation, and Chilean culture.